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Advice for Donating (PDF)
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Las Vegas Shooting (PDF)
Safety and Recovery after Hurricane (PDF)
What Happened to My World? (PDF)

Department Training Request

ComPsych Guidance Resources is available by request to provide free, onsite, personal development and worklife trainings to departments. ComPsych workshops provide valuable learning for employees, and can help increase visibility and utilization of the EAP benefit. Topics are designed and written by training experts. Through focused content and interactive facilitation both face-to-face or via live webinar, these 45-60 minute programs are informative and engaging.

To request a free training for your department, contact your HRBP or email UCI Wellness Program Administrator, Dyan Hall, dyhall@uci.edu. A minimum of 30 days is requested for scheduling sessions. 

2020 Training Topic List
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Talking with your Teen
Time Management