Coronavirus Resources

Coronavirus Toolkit (Spanish Version)
On-site Essential Worker Coronavirus Resource Digital Toolkit
Locating Assistance During COVID-19
Staying Healthy at Work
Resiliency Resources
Financial Resiliency
Managing a Remote Workforce (For Managers)
Working Remotely (For Employees)
Coping with the Stress of COVID-19 UCI Health Article

COVID-19 Support Webinars

Upcoming Live

July 16: Coping During Uncertain Times
July 30: Happiness: A Key to Life's Satisfaction

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Coping with Uncertainty about the Coronavirus
Navigating Your Work From Home Transition Due to the Coronavirus
Why Can’t I Stop Eating? How Emotions Impact Our Eating During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Managing Worry & Anxiety During The COVID-19 Pandemic
Tools To Handle Covid-19-Related Stress
Self-Isolating Together: How to Get Along With Your Partner and Kids During The Pandemic
Being An Effective Manager During The COVID-19 Pandemic

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Additional Support Webinar Topics (On-demand)

NEW* Cutting Through the Clutter

NEW* Developing Creativity

NEW* Developing Grit: Strategies for Success in Work and Life

NEW* Journaling and Writing for Personal Growth

NEW* Reinventing Yourself

NEW* The Parent as Role Model

Art of Patience
Balancing Work and Life
Bringing Out the Best in Others
Caring From a Distance
Coping During Uncertain Times
Coping With a Traumatic Event
Coping With Compassion Stress
Gratitude: A Skill for Happier Living
Learning to Relax
Living Simply: Simplify Your Life
Living With Change
Loneliness and Social Isolation in Today’s World
Managing Your Emotions in the Workplace
Mindfulness: Being Present in Your Work and Life
Overcoming Your Distorted Negative Thinking
Parenting Your College Age ‘Kids’
Stress: A Way of Life or Fact of Life
Talking to Kids About Violent Event with Widespread Media Coverage<
Talking to Your Child About Tough Issues Affecting the Family
The Impact of Attitude on Work and Life
Time Management Principles
Time Management Tools: To-Do-Lists, Calendars, and Smartphones
Tools to Handle Stress
Understanding How Your Emotions Impact Interactions With Older Loved Ones
Using Guided Imagery for Wellness and Stress Reduction
Walking for Mental Health

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Additional Support Help Sheets/Flyers

Avoiding Online Fraud
Building Resilience
Coping With A Crisis
Exercise at your Desk
Family Communications
Family Meals
Financial Future
Financial Wellbeing
Fostering Resilience
Humor Fights Stress
Improving Mood
Learning To Relax
Nurturing Healthy Relationships
Online Presence
Rising To Everyday Challenges
Time Management
Workplace Resiliency