Wellness and Safety Toolkit


Wellness and Safety Partnership

The Wellness and Safety Partnership Toolkit is a clearing-house of information, complementing partnership efforts and programs while filtering commonly themed information throughout the UCI community.

Each month the Toolkit will feature a theme with the following information:
Sample Agenda

The toolkit materials make it easy for you to incorporate wellness and safety information, consistent throughout UCI, in your department or in wellness and safety committee meetings.

Download and use the flyers, handouts, and posters to:
- Hang in your office or classroom
- Use at department meetings and training
- Give to employees and co-workers

If your department has any information it would like to add to the toolkit, please contact us.

Wellness and Safety Resources

    Using the Wellness and Safety Toolkit

    * Chancellor's Message on Safety

    * UCI Healthy Meeting Guidelines

    * UCI Move More Campaign

    * Wellness and Safety Partnership